Providing Closure Is Our Priority

The aftermath of a road crash is devastating. That is why Road Map Memorials is here to ease it a bit for you. We are here to help you overcome such situations, by helping you locate your family and friends.

We, at Road Map Memorials, are a group of energetic and dedicated people, who have come together to help you reach your friends and family that have passed away due to a traffic accident. We try helping as many accident-victims as we can. You can trace your near and dear ones through the navigation spots in the map services provided by us.

If you have family or friends who have passed away due to a traffic fatality, or know someone who did, please reach out to us. DO NOT PANIC, we provide a quick and easy way to find your friends and loved ones.

We at Road Map Memorials will provide you with an exact location marker of the fatality on a map to help with closure. Along with a 400 character or less obituary with an optional picture or theme that will appear when you click on the location on the map or by searching by name. All you need to do is share your obituaries and the exact location of the fatality and the rest is on us.

Road Map Memorials

We understand how difficult it would be for you to lose someone and not be able to reach their location.